Join us taking on endurance challenges to raise desperately-needed funds for brain cancer research. We are a 501(c)3 not for profit organization founded in 2013. Our mission is to end brain cancer by raising funds for research, extending an open invitation to unite in hope and action for the cure.

What we’re up against: Brain Tumor Facts

Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children ages 0-14 years.


are living with a primary brain tumor


will receive a primary brain tumor diagnosis in 2022


for all patients with a malignant brain tumor


will die from a malignant brain tumor this year

Source: BrainTumor.org

How We’re Fighting It: Funding Brain Cancer Research

Researchers have well-founded optimism that reasonable treatments are on the horizon. But they are limited by lack of funding for their research.

Our mission is to help overcome that financial barrier by funding research so that we can find a cure as quickly as possible. We are currently investing in Dr. Keith Ligon’s research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute which is helping glioblastoma patients get access to the latest advances in the diagnosis and clinical trials of these aggressive brain tumors. Learn more about the impact of your gift here.

We are an all-volunteer organization (a mother-daughter team, in fact!) obsessed with keeping overhead costs low to maximize the impact of every gift. Learn more about us here. Please join us.

What is the significance of 3,000 miles?

Our inaugural fundraising effort was our founder, Maria Parker’s, 2013 solo Race Across America (RAAM). She took on this race when her sister, Jenny Mulligan, was diagnosed with brain cancer. RAAM is a nonstop 3,000-mile bicycle race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD (hence our name!). Incredible athletes, teams and communities have joined us racing to cure brain cancer in RAAM over the years.

Learn more about the race that started it all by watching the Hope film below.

We added our flagship 26-mile Crossing the Canyon Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike event in 2015 and have held it every year since (with the exception of 2020).

The challenges and triumphs athletes endure in these epic events are a powerful metaphor for the battles being waged against brain cancer by those who fight it and for the race to cure it.

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