Meet Chris, Erik, Ryan and Matt. They are doing something BIG for brain cancer research. And it involves a lot of cycling. Three thousand miles of cycling, in fact. The #4Dudes3kc team are Racing Across America in 2017. Their goal is to raise $50,000 for brain cancer research. They are awesome.


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Begins June 17, 2017 in Oceanside, CA

We are honored to welcome this crew of 4 Dudes to the 3000 Miles to a Cure team. They are setting out to make a HUGE impact in the race to beat brain cancer. Let’s do this!

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Donor Honor Roll | #beatbraincancer

  • Jeanne Kirby

  • Sofia Jagannathan

  • Robert Albrecht

  • JosĂ© Torres-Don

    Dudes! You might could be the greatest. In full support! Ride safe.

  • Annemarie McDaniel

    Incredibly proud and inspired by your dedication to the cause! Safe biking!

  • Evan Degnan

  • Ambika Subramanyam

    You all are incredible! Good luck!

  • Michael Hedges

    better late than never! Good luck boys, I will be rooting for you from Boston.

  • Pamela Protani

    Prayers will be with you as you make each push of the peddle~!

  • Ryan Jean

    Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at our Picnic with Purpose on May 20th, our operation sponsors who have made RAAM possible for us and gave us a platform to raise money for brain cancer research, and to all of the generous local businesses and individuals who donated the time, gift certificates, gift baskets, and experiences to our raffle. Together we raised $3,600, 100% of which will directly fund brain cancer research. This donation reflects the cash that was collected at the event.

  • Robert DeCou

    Go Dudes!!! Just watched the Ohio RAAM show and getting excited to join you guys on this epic adventure. See you all in Oceanside soon...

  • Thomas Hughes

    Sorry I can't make the picnic. Best of luck on the ride, hope I can see you guys soon!

  • Diane Martin

    Good luck, 4 Dudes! Ride fast. Can't wait to follow along!

  • Diane Puccia

    I'm so grateful that you guys are undertaking this monumental task to raise money for brain cancer research. I applaud you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a safe trip and a most wonderful adventure!

  • Christopher Clemens

    This donation is from the breakfast crew at Las Fuentes Resort Village retirement home where Chris Clemens has been hanging out with his Grandfather. The guys at breakfast wanted to make a donation and are looking forward to getting updates from Grandpa Clemens during the race! - Chris Clemens

  • Robert Read

    Be safe out there!!

  • Thuy Nguyen

    LOVE seeing you guys do what you do. Chris/Ryan...maybe I will fly out and meet you guys and your +2 on your journey!!! We'll have to have another in van shenanigans nights like we did in Whistle. Cheers!

  • Lee Siegel

    Ryan and the 3 other Dudes 🙂 Best of luck and I admire ALL of your determination towards this cause. Best of luck to all of you.

  • Rory Macleod

    Say hi to America for me. Don't get stuck in Brookings again. Oh and if you find Mike out there, tell him we've been looking for him.

  • Nicholas O'Rourke

    My braunnnnnnnay

  • Kaitlin Muller

    To 4 Dudes: You guys are all amazing! I am very inspired and proud of you all for taking on this mentally and physically straining adventure in order to support such an amazing cause. Good luck to you all (rides and dude crew!). Stay hydrated and well stretched!! Have FUN and be safe! <3 Kaitlin

  • Anne Lewis

  • Julie Burroughs

  • Katherine Casey

    Good luck and stay safe out there!

  • Eric Apjohn

  • Nathan Sermonis

    Good luck fellas!!

  • Colleen Daly

    Thank you for doing this. Enjoy the ride.

  • Ryan Rasmussen

  • Alex Stein

  • Katie Hegarty


Lucia Parker#4Dudes3kc | RAAM 2017