He Must Finish

by Maria Parker on June 24, 2016 Comments Off on He Must Finish

This morning I woke up after only 2 and ½ hours of sleep, my head thick with exhaustion.  My first thought was, Marshall has been doing this for 9 days while cycling for 21 hours a day.  At this point in Race Across America, I’m incredulous that Marshall can keep going.  Yet go he does.  He and his crew say every day, we must finish.  This time, we must finish.   I feel their desperation.  Marshall must get an official finish this year, his third attempt.  

Last night Marshall got a big push toward Annapolis. An anonymous benefactor offered to donate $10 for each mile Marshall pedaled, (750 of them as of last night), only if he gets to Annapolis.

She said “Just tell him to finish,  It’s his third time, he’s not getting any younger. He will not have to do this a fourth time.  I so want him to finish. I know how terrible I have felt not finishing a measly 50 miles a few years ago…he must feel that a 1000 times stronger…He will finish.

When we told Marshall last night, he was overwhelmed.

This donor is challenging Marshall’s community to come alongside her and also pledge per mile donations.  Marshall has offered anyone who matches her pledge a signed 3000 Miles to a Cure jersey, one of the jerseys he has been wearing during his ride.  Any matching donation will encourage.  $.10 per mile is $70, $1.00 per mile is $700 dollars, or come up with your own amount.  Let’s get Marshall to the finish line.  He must finish.

Maria Parker

Marshall is racing to cure brain cancer. Every cent of every donation goes to brain cancer research. Join us.

Maria ParkerHe Must Finish

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