Capture incredible stories. Make an impact in the race to beat brain cancer. You’ll join a three-person team sharing the stories of one of 3000 Miles to a Cure’s two 4-person teams. We are recruiting photographers and videographers.


You’ll use your video storytelling, photojournalism, or editing talent to capture and share the race as it happens. You’ll capture footage on the ground from California to Maryland and process on-the-go. You’ll follow the racers through the tough weather and terrain over 3,000 miles. You’ll work with the racer’s support crew to capture the behind-the-scenes moments of the World’s Toughest Race.  It’s going to be non-stop driving and production this year because we’re chasing 4-person teams. We’ll be crashing out in the back of a van or Suburban for sleep. So we need people who know how to rough it and enjoy it, while producing excellent work.


You have a penchant and passion for storytelling. You see the story in the midst of incredibly exciting, chaotic events. You use creative writing, filming, and editing to bring that story to your audience.

You have a passion for creating positive change. You want to leave your mark and make a difference. You welcome the opportunity to give back and pay it forward.

You have mad skills behind the lens (and laptop). You have experience getting the shot that only happens once. You can put together an impressive visual experience from a back seat. You want to tell the story, and you have the skills to do it.


  • Road trip from California to Maryland
  • Food and lodging paid
  • Intensive portfolio building opportunity
  • Platform for meaningful distribution of work
  • Networking with a group of passionate and committed volunteers
  • Opportunity to take on resume-building leadership experience
  • Start-up experience with a young nonprofit
  • Opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to people with brain cancer and their families
  • 3000 Miles to a Cure swag


Basic Requirements: Availability June 2017, valid driver’s license, access to a camera, computer and professional editing software to use on the road during RAAM, must be 18 years or older.

Resilience Requirement: This is a very tough event. Its stresses on all members of the team and crew, including media interns, cannot be overstated. All applicants must be self-reliant, physically fit, able to withstand suboptimal, challenging conditions including prolonged exposure, heat, irregular meal times and food and little sleep. It is an incredible, life-changing event, but it takes team work and a great attitude even when the going gets tough.


Learn more about us and the Race Across America by watching Hope. Check out the trailer below, click here to watch the film.


Email a cover letter, resume, and three work samples to 3000 Miles to a Cure’s Director of Marketing at lucia@3000milestoacure.com. Be sure to tell us why you’re passionate about 3000 Miles to a Cure!

We are looking for two talented photographers and two talented videographers.

This is an unpaid internship.

Apply by 4/15/2017

We can’t wait to welcome you to the team!

Check out the work of last year’s interns:

Lucia Parker2017 Race Across America Media Team Internship