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June 17, 2016: Rob Rocks the Ride

by Jo Dee Ahmann on June 17, 2016 Comments Off on June 17, 2016: Rob Rocks the Ride

I am sitting in the village of Mexican Hat, Utah after chasing Rob down this morning.  We were at Monument Valley (so stunning) filming the sunrise when we heard that Rob was on the bike and moving toward us.  Already???  After 1 ¾ hours of sleep?

A bird flies over Monument Valley hours before Rob DeCou comes through.

A bird flies over Monument Valley hours before Rob DeCou comes through.

It was true.  We raced toward him to have a few words at a pullout.  Rob, always aware of the crew around him said,  “Thanks for being here.  I mean, where else would you want to be on a beautiful Friday morning?”20160617_monumentlow-4

Chris Clemens and Kim Godawa massage and bandage Rob's feet in Monument Valley.

Chris Clemens and Kim Godawa massage and bandage Rob’s feet in Monument Valley.

He said his short sleep felt like a full night.  He woke himself up (unusual in this ferocious race), and got his team back on the road.  I pray the pattern continues for the next 8 days.

Each time I talk to Rob, he mentions his massage therapist, Darla Workman.  He says she is definitely a rock star. His nickname for her is Healer.   Her massages have been perfect for him—and she’s generously working on the rest of the crew.  She is giving good reports on the state of Rob’s muscles.  Healthy, not swollen, and strong.

This morning, Rob’s crew loaned Darla to our other 3000 Miles to a Cure cyclist, Marshall Reeves.  Marshall’s massage therapist was in a horrible, rollover car accident on his way to the start of the race.  He was pretty banged up and certainly unable to come on this trip.  So…Darla   gladly gave up her sleep to help out Marshall this morning.

Before we began the race, Darla told about her brother-in-law, who died of brain cancer.  She asked Rob if she could be on his team.  When a spot opened up on Rob’s team, she jumped in and has served tirelessly.  20160613_lowres-5

I spoke with Darla after she worked on Marshall.  She was thankful for the opportunity and she wanted to DO something.  This is a big DO.  Darla is a giver—like Rob, like Christina. She loves being able to do her part to keep Rob and Marshall on the road and help raise money to fight brain cancer.

Please join us in our race to find a cure for brain cancer.  The donations have been coming in beautifully these past 24 hours.  The notes with them are so encouraging as we read them to Rob!  You can give here. Thank you for following Rob and sharing with your friends. The great cloud of witnesses is increasing by the hour.

The Messenger,

Jo Dee Ahmann


Jo Dee AhmannJune 17, 2016: Rob Rocks the Ride