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Rob DeCou guest post: Six months to go

by Rob DeCou on January 13, 2016 Comments Off on Rob DeCou guest post: Six months to go

Six months to race day, Rob DeCou shares an update with family and friends. We thought the 3000 Miles to a Cure community would love getting to know Rob, too! Enjoy his letter below.

Dear Friends and Teammates,

We are now into 2016 and in less than 6 months we will be at the start line of the Race Across America.

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on my training, finances, crew and share why I’m so excited about the slogan of this race.  These past few weeks I had the privilege of heading home to Port Angeles, WA.  During my time in WA, I took some time off the bike, took classes at the YMCA with my sister, and paced my crazy friend and RAAM crew member Kyle Downs on two 50k runs in the same week.  I also had some time to connect with friends and mentors and took my niece Madisyn on our annual breakfast goal setting date.

Rob's niece Madisyn receives her red belt

Rob’s niece Madisyn receives her red belt

Once again my brother Rich led the way in the Polar Bear dip, a family tradition.  This year it was literally 32 degrees outside when we took our ocean plunge three times.

The Polar Bear Dip

The Polar Bear Dip

After the time in Washington, I feel rejuvenated and ready for the time ahead.  I’m going to take the training day by day, week by week, and focus on monthly checkpoints.  Last weekend, I rode from LA to Santa Barbara on Friday (100 miles) and ran a very gentle 10K after meeting up with fellow crew member, Luis Escobar.

We reached a huge fundraising milestone and have just surpassed the 25% mark for my personal support.  Thank you so much for your support up to this point.  Weather it be financial, crew, or my prayer and positive thought team.  It is all very appreciated and necessary.  The aim is to raise our trip costs, plus an additional $20,000 to help cure brain cancer. Everything is feeling good.  My motivation is high and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to go through this journey this year.

To learn more about who is joining me on this journey, check out my personal page on the RAAM website.

Last but not least, our slogan for the year that I am embracing from 3000 Miles to a Cure is #impossibleisunacceptable.  It really resonates with me for what we are doing and the quest to find a cure for brain cancer.

I am so grateful for your support and encouragement through this journey.  I would be overjoyed if you want to join me at any of the upcoming races during this build up to the Race Across America.

Warm regards,


Rob DeCouRob DeCou guest post: Six months to go